Oughta Be a Movie: a Sugar-&-Spice romantic comedy

Oughta Be a Movie: a Sugar-&-Spice romantic comedy

Take Ben Harrison . . .
One easy-going, drop-dead gorgeous, Hollywood screenwriter—who might be just the teensiest bit alpha in the bedroom. (Okay, a bit more than teensy because there’s nothing teensy about him.)

Mix with Ali McKenna . . .
One sweet, slightly geeky, very vanilla, chemistry teacher with a “head made for science and a bod made for sin”—who might be just a little too curious for her own good.

Toss in two secret crushes, a friendship that goes back to when they were kids, a wedding weekend, a problem ex-boyfriend, and one very protective (and meddling) older brother.

It’s a recipe for trouble . . . with enough sparks to make your e-reader smolder. And so much fun it oughta be a movie.

What’s a Sugar-&-Spice romantic comedy?
A standalone novella or short novel with sweetness and laughs and love and heat—lots of heat. And always a Happy Ever After.

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